BSC's Rebuilding Business Forum

Thursday, October 29, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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We're ready to move forward. Are you?

Ideas we're taking from the last Rebuilding Business Forum Meeting
on Oct 22, 2020 

What we learned from and about each other last week in just 60 minutes
1. A forum is a discussion where everyone can and does contribute. There is room for everyone.

From the Ready Room's Give and Take:
Checklist Manifesto by Gawande (from Jan Triplett, 
BSConline to the world) and the Leader's Handbook by Peter Scholtes (from Dave Nave, Dave Nave and Associates, WA)
Other ideas:
• From webinars people attended: Ideas of hiring and keeping great people from Genevieve Walsh (
Walsh's Home Repair, VA); what the new normal looks like when people come back to work from Bill Kleinebecker (Strategic Pathways, Austin); employment benefits from David Turpin (Pileus Group and Mangia Pizza, Austin) 
• From experience:
Amy White (TransTex LPS, Cedar Park and AK) on competitor helping a competitor; Consultant David Turpin asking the big "why" question — Why do this?; Yuliya Semak (SIMARGL LLC, Poland and Austin) discussion on hiring in Europe vs. US and status of COVID-19 business and personal limitations overseas
• Upcoming:
TAG meeting (Technology Advisors Group), Oct. 29, with data security company ALTR
• Good News:
Bill Kleinebecker (Strategic Pathways, Austin), MassChallenge finalist, for an innovative meeting software; opening a second office in Arkansas (Amy White, TransTex LPS); Mangia Pizza status (David Turpin, owner) and the loss of Mother's Restaurant (Jan Triplett) but their pivot to products — hurrah!

2. Ideas shared make a difference

From Mentor Zone:
• Dave Nave's 3 questions to get people focused on the real issue: What's the problem? Why is it a problem? Why solve it?  (
Dave Nave and Associates) Which led to a discussion of Design Thinking and the issue of tainting the results with preconceived ideas based just on the title of the meeting.
• Shane Anciso (Secret Simple Computer RepairAustin) Chrome issues and Mac monitors; for PC users, the problem with external monitors with Windows and "gaming mode" with suggestions
• Joe Sprangel, Ph.D. (Emmanuel Strategic Sustainability, VA) Mega to mini trends in manufacturing (blogpost)

Sharing the Wisdom — guest Jan Triplett (
Leveraging competitors through coopetition:
  • Only try this with people and companies you like and trust
  • Know your goals — and theirs
  • Create an agreement or MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Manage the process and take action asap if it goes south
3. "To Do" ideas keep us going

Last Word  — ("Resource-full" ideas) with Jan Triplett (BSC
  • Resources and Rebuilding Recommendations from Others:
This week discussion of IRS on audit increases, Opportunity Zones (relocate and save), IRS Close-up new approach news and useful links

AND, an important reminder - don't forget to vote but be informed before you cast your ballot! Non-political post, Put down the brick,  by our friend, Michael Shuman about coming together worth reading.

Last week's forum recording (recorded live): or you may use the full link

Upcoming Special Guests:
Thurs. Oct. 29: Dokpe Ogunsanya, Dupsy Enterprises on Picking up the Pieces amid the Disarray of Today's World
Thurs. Nov. 5: Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting on Is My Idea Patentable?
Next Rebuilding Business Forum Agenda 
THURSDAY, Oct. 29, 2020, noon-1 CDT

Here’s the link to BSC's Rebuilding Business Nationwide Forum RSVP and more information. It’s every Thursday — same time; same day; same link. Please share.

This week’s Share the Wisdom focus is how to pick up the pieces after all that has happened and will happen with our international guest speaker, coach and trainer Dokpe Ogunsanya, Dupsy Enterprises.

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 29 at noon CDT for our...
  • Ready Room
    • Share a book, class, software, process or something that works for you.
    • Ask for help — and get it from Forum attendees! 
    • Get some "to-do's" worth doing because others have checked them out first. Your own private Business Yelp and BBB rolled into one.
    • Learn about the business news from around the country and the world.
  • Mentor Zone: 
    • WARNING: Business Rebuilders at Work! — Business leverage from our mentors on IT, Management, Sales, etc.
      • This week former procurement officer Karen Hiltz is back to help us get government contracts and Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting will discuss intellectual property.
    • Get involved in the discussions — share your experience on the subjects, comment, ask questions
  • Last Word:
    • Be Resource-full —  get final ideas, warnings and opportunities for rebuilding your business
Most importantly: more from you each week for all of us
We want your ideas, questions, suggestions and comments throughout the Forum. This is no clique. 
  • Share how our topics and takeaways would work in your business situation
  • Find great “business buddies” willing to talk openly and frankly about their business and share their expertise 
  • Get to know and understand each other more than just to talk superficially like in a traditional in person or online meeting. 
  • Get information from others from many industries and from all over the country and overseas.
  • Be a guest speaker: Interested in being our "Share the Wisdom" guest expert on a Thursday Forum? Contact me about your idea: Go here to see what our upcoming topics are and who are our speakers. We really push the speaker to our contacts. We do expect that this person will let their network know that they have been asked to speak at the Forum.


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